Underground Ministries

Prisoner Relationship, Resurrection & ReEntry

Tierra Nueva


Tierra Nueva is a faith community serving those at the intersection of immigration and incarceration in Washington's Skagit Valley. And it is where much of Underground Ministries' work developed between 2005 and 2017.

Tierra Nueva offers support additional spiritual care to some of the families we serve, and is the church body behind Chris Hoke's ministry license.

From their website:

"Tierra Nueva (New Earth) is an ecumenical Christian ministry located in Burlington, Washington, that seeks to share the good news of God’s freedom in Jesus Christ with people on the margins (immigrant, inmates, ex-offenders, the homeless) and mainstream people through its five ministries. We are dedicated to proclaiming the Good News of God's reign (on earth as it is in heaven) with the oppressed for our mutual liberation, healing, empowerment, and total salvation."