Underground Ministries

Prisoner Relationship, Resurrection & ReEntry



Stories transform our imagination. More than ideas, theories, or arguments, stories are grounded in our experience. They move the ground of our subconscious assumptions beneath our feet.

Therapists call it "narrative." Homies in prison call it "real sh*t." Christian tradition calls it "testimony." 

We at Underground Ministries embrace storytelling for revising the stories we tell ourselves--about heaven, hell, prisons, God, family, and our very selves. These are the deep narratives beneath our public policy, our understandings of justice, how we pray, how we vote, who we love. We believe this is the power of social and spiritual change. 

For this reason, we invest in our own writing of books and articles. We spend hours each week writing prison letters. Sometimes it's radio and podcast mediums. We embrace public speaking and church pulpit preaching. And we are excited to partner in several ways with our brother organization Underground Writing, a creative writing program in lockdown and marginal settings.

We are developing our UNDERGROUND VOICES platform to lift up the voices of those in prison, through their own written stories. Stay tuned.

The Word is active underground. We want to help new voices be heard.