Underground Ministries

Prisoner Relationship, Resurrection & ReEntry




CENTER   [5 Min]

Begin in silence together, slowing down and centering around Christ with this question below. Have one person read it aloud at the start of the five minutes’ silence, and maybe repeat a few times during the time of prayerful listening:

“Lord Jesus Christ, What are you teaching me about your heart through this relationship with [Name]?

REFLECT  [20 Min]

Invite team members to share what is coming to them from this time of listening, asking:

What are we learning through this relationship with [Name]  . . .

. . . about God’s heart?

(This is the heart of it all. It comes from prayer, shared reflection.)

. . . about ourselves?

(This is harder. Try. What’s coming up?)

. . . about [Name]?

(This is the time to now share what we’re learning from this last month’s letters, visits, calls. And to consider what to write in your next letters.)

. . . about the “stones” [structures] and “layers” [personal defenses] between us?

CONNECT & PLAN   [15 Min]

This is time to share web links, addresses, brainstorm resources

  • Visitor applications, making visits to the prison

  • Housing and job connections

  • Advocacy needs: calling family members, prison counselors,

  • Organizing as a church for the Welcome Home Fund and Needs list

  • How can we engage others in the congregation and community this month? Share about your person, and what you’re learning, during weekly service?

LEARN   [30 Min]

Discuss this months’ reading, or videos from the OPOP website, distributed by the Point Person. How does this connect with us and [Name]?  How does this challenge our assumptions & hearts?

PRAY   [10 Min]

Pray for each other, for [Name], and whatever surfaces in the meeting.